Spotlight Tavern Beverly, MA 12/10/16

Dearest & Best Friends of the Upper Crust- 
It seems we generally write you nowadays to impart to you information regarding a performance by Their Lordships the Upper Crust, as for instance: “The Upper Crust will perform at the Spotlight Tavern, Beverly Massachusetts, December 10th, 2016.” 
These few, modest words might simply inform and edify, or they may well put into play events of earth-shaking magnitude, most notably the long-awaited consummation of our great mutual affection, a passion too intemperate to be held much longer in abeyance; though were you not inclined to heed the invitation implicit within these few, modest words, they might just as well never have been conceived at all. 
But, if said again, with emphasis, perhaps they might convey to you their full import, which is indeed an invitation: 
“The Upper Crust…. Spotlight… Beverly… December 10th.” 
We promise that upon seeing you there at the Spotlight in Beverly we shall forbear from announcing any more such information, and shall turn our attention wholly to the speaking of words of love, for which language we are by nature and disposition entirely better suited. 
Therefore, let this be the last time these somewhat dry yet informative words, “Beverly, Spotlight, December 10th, Upper Crust” pass our lips, and may the said lips then enjoy their true purpose, meeting with yours in fulfillment of countless promises of undying affectation that have been spoken, written and otherwise conveyed between us. 
In the meantime, until we meet again in Beverly upon the 10th of December, at the Spotlight, where My Lords the Upper Crust shall perform, we impatiently remain your most ardent and dedicated correspondent, 
Secretary and Manservant to Their Lordships the Upper Crust 

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