Current Affairs 

Dearest Friends of the Upper Crust, 

In order to honor the inauguration of the new political administration, Their Lordships of the Upper Crust have cast around their catalogue in search of a song that would be appropriate; finding nothing that dovetails exactly with the new President’s unique enthusiasms, they are offering the next best thing, a song recorded some time ago but never released and now perhaps more pertinent, or less impertinent, than ever, called “I, Diarrhea Fiend.” 

“I, Diarrhea Fiend” will not appear on the new album, Delusions of Grandeur, slated for release in the first week of April, so enjoy it here. Their Lordships trust that you have some kind of technological expertise that will allow you to pirate the track and listen to it at your convenience whilst at tea, in your carriage, abed, or even at the formal ball, your earbuds being concealed by your periwig, and only the herky-jerky movements of your limbs betraying the fact that you are not listening to chamber music with everybody else. 

We trust you will enjoy “I, Diarrhea Fiend,” and hope to see you at Great Scott in Allston, Massachusetts on February 10th, where the Upper Crust will perform along with friends Petty Morals and Watts. 

We remain in the meanwhile your most enthusiastic and affectionate companion, 

Secretary and Manservant to Their Lordships the Upper Crust