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Gracious and Most Exemplary Friends of the Upper Crust,

It seems an age since we last set quill to parchment, and much has transpired; so much, in fact, that it is difficult to know where to begin in recounting it all to you. We shall begin, somewhat arbitrarily, by telling you that the Upper Crust has been hard at work in David Minehan’s Woolly Mammoth studios, refining what shall be a back-to-back album with their bosom companions from San Francisco, the Grannies. This album will be released early next fall, in time to accompany a tour by both bands beginning in Texas and proceeding through New Orleans, Memphis, etc., up through Chicago, and thence east to finish in New York and Boston. Shortly thereafter the Upper Crust shall release their own long-awaited album of new compositions. We do not exaggerate or prevaricate when we predict and prognosticate that this shall be the most influential wax cylinder to be released since Al Jolson’s “Mammy.” Tentative title: One Hand in the Cradle, One Foot in the Grave. A smattering of pre-release releases will be made available online.

In the meantime Their Lordships shall hardly be idle. A sampling of upcoming dates in 2016 follows:
April 23rd at the Parlor in Newport, Rhode Island with Benny Sizzler
April 30th at Store 54 in Allston, Massachusetts, with Hayley Thompson-King
May 20th at Club Helsinki in Hudson, New York with the Figgs
May 21st at Monty Hall in Jersey City, New Jersey with the Figgs
June 11th at the Midway in Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts with Shiny Beasts
August 13th at Geno’s in Portland, Maine with Hayley Thompson-King
August 20th at the Middle East Upstairs in Cambridge, Massachusetts with Devil on Horseback.

… Count Bassie has just roundly castigated us for incontinently providing “too much information,” for he believes that you would be the better able to incorporate these things if they were imparted piecemeal, and although he may be right, we prefer to believe that you are as brilliant of mental faculties as you are in appearance, for you must know that our heart does beat considerably faster when you make your entrance, so splendidly yet in such impeccably good taste, in the ballroom or concert-hall, and we can hardly wait until we see you once again; until which time we shall remain incontinently yours,

Secretary and Manservant to Their Lordships the Upper Crust


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